Recycled HDPE Plastics

These are the bobbins of UV Resistant HDPE plastic yarn ready to be spun into your Hyperadobe raschel mesh tube. Our material is recycled from waste materials that would otherwise become junk in a landfill, or harm the river ecosystem.

Measurements of Roll(cm)

Hyperadobe Layer


Your Adobe mixture may vary, and this affects the dimensions. 16 inches is the typical width of product after tamping down.

Hyperadobe Layer


Average height of a compacted layer is 3 inches.

Work started

Circular Beehive Shed

Work is started on a 120 square foot “Beehive Shed”. This project is halted for the winter, but check back more in the spring 2023. The plan is to stucco the outside for a nice finish, and put a circular dome on the top for light, as well as an entry door. Eventually this structure will become the Chicken Coop. We suggest you start with a similar project before completing your dwelling to get your particular adobe mixture spot on. Currently, ours is using 5gal of sandy loam, 2.5gal of clay soil, 15lbs of portland concrete, several handfulls of hay, and roughly 5liters of water mixed into the concrete mixer per batch. This is providing for a layer that’s just as hard as concrete after tamped down and cured.

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